Help identify. is it stolen?


Not trying to step on any toes. I was not sure where the best place to post this was, so feel free to move it to where you see fit Mods.

I was browsing eBay and discovered this auction on what appears to be a Pawn Shop’s eBay page. I have a feeling that these yoyos were stolen and pawn off. I am just putting this out there and putting my two cents in on it. I’m not trying to put blame on anyone or anything. just trying to be a good person.

a friend noted that in the description, they only list the name of the yoyos with it’s name engraved on them. Which seems to be maybe a red flag.


I find it extremely strange that the 2 CLYW were not listed in the description, since someone tagging it for views would probably include them.


Seems pretty fishy to me


I’m viewing all this from my phone, so I could be missing something, but it doesn’t look suspicious to me at this point.

Pawn shops acquire lots of items legitimately, from the original owner, or by purchasing contents of a storage unit, or some other legitimate means.

The problem is that they may not come across (especially high end) yo-yos often enough to identify and describe them the way that the average yo-yoer would. I’m sure they listed what they could identify of that bunch.

Before I got into yo-yos, I might look at an Arctic Circle, and it would just look like a metal yo-yo with no name on it. I bet it looked like that to the seller. Maybe we should send the seller a message to help them better describe the contents of the auction.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to inquire about the source of the items you “might” be interested in buying. That might give you some insight.

Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:


Is it stolen?
What would you propose to do if it was? Could you identify the original owner? Notify police???

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A while back I had two really nice custom unicycles stolen. A year later, someone on a forum posted a picture of them asking if they were stolen. The whole thing struck him as fishy. I saw the pictures, ran them through an exif filter, found the location of the photo, and gave the info to the police. They got my unicycles back. The point; I appreciate threads like this. I suspect, as TotalArtist has said, this is completely legit, but if someone recognizes their collection…


a few months ago there was a dude that lot his nearly all of his collection of yoyos to some sleazy movers maybe they might be his but, he had more than one case.


They maybe sold the stuff to different pawn shops ? YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH DAN DAN ! (csi:miami)


I remember that. YoyoYakuza if I remember correctly. I wonder if he’s seen this thread.

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I’ll PM it to him


Sad story… Maybe, could be!  Would be great to get his throw’s back to him.  But still could be legitimate :-X


Hmmmmmmmmmm seems fishy, saw this on facebook too.

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I pmed it too him and he said 2 of the throws might be his but he can’t afford to buy them back so there’s nothing he can do