Well I have decided:

To go through my collection and thin it out a bit.

Let’s see, hmm maybe this. Nope, it’s so fine.
Here I’ll put this up. Hmmm, what am I thinking? Nope
Well there is always my …Nah!
Thinning out my collection is tough and it’s just a terrible idea.

Hey how much would you pay to have me walk your dog?

Sometimes I attempt to lessen my collection. Nothing happens. After staring at my yoyos, I get shunned because people think I’m a hoarder. ;D

Do what I do: stop caring what other people think.

If I wanted their opinion, I’d give it to them!

150+ and growing. I like variety. Deal with it!

It seems like just yesterday you joined the forums… Now you’re all grown up… :’(

But seriously, 150 yoyos is an impressive collection for not only someone “newer” to yoyoing, but in general! Great job on everything you’ve accomplished!

Grown up? Hardly!

Yes, thank you though. For my modest accomplishments, it’s been a lot of hard work. Sometimes the hard work has just been getting the time to throw in a day. All my accomplishments can be directly attributed to the community in some way. Videos here and other places have been the basis of my learning. Gettng help from people within the community has really given me boosts, such as tips from theroybit regarding LOTS of tricks and stuff “outside the YYE trick list” and Elephark for the pointers in looping. Participating in contests as a sound production provider gives me a great seat and loads of stuff to keep me motivated. Going to YoLex events, running my own meets and trying to get to other meets has been a lot of fun and many more great learning experiences.

It doesn’t matter how many yoyos that you have, as long as you use it, enjoy it and are willing to share knowledge!