Stop it! Enough already!

Some of you guys need to quit using the bst. I’m trying to get ready for ski season, save some bucks, and you are offering sweet yoyos at great prices. I really don’t need the temptation. Knock it off! At least make the prices incredibly high so I’ll just laugh and go on my way. Help a guy out. ::slight_smile:

It seems whenever I get something, a few days later something even better gets posted.

Welcome to my life i just quit looking at the bst because it started affecting my wallets health.

i know right! its making extremely hard to save up for a laptop!

I still have some yoyos up for $40. You should really check them out. ;D

I had to take you up on that. ;D I bought 4 of those babies. Thanks a bunch. :wink:

why am i not surprised TA bought four of yours i think she is going for the record of the largest private collection.

I know right.

She’s got like 4 richochets. :smiley:

No, unfortunately, only 3 of them. A beater blue one would be great. :frowning:

Definitely not a surprise. If you ever see “MikeEff” post a BST, jump on it. He takes very good care of his things, he is very reliable, and he always offers a great deal on the throws too.

But, it will never, ever be my goal to have the “largest” private collection. I like having a good collection, and I don’t mind having a lot of yo-yos, but I collect according to my own standards. It’s about quality, not quantity, and that quality is based on my own personal preferences, not prices, and not popular opinion. :wink: Buying everything is easy, but choosing what to buy, and what not to buy, is the fun of it.

Oh only 3? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Actually it was 5 :wink:

This is the truth. My motivation is always to move the yoyos, not to make a lot of money doing it. Or even to make my money back. I usually sell for 50%-70% of it’s original value, and I try my best to hang onto boxes, and any other throw-ins that came with the yoyo.

I think I just put 24 yoyos up there this week and 22 of them sold in 2 days. That’s 7 people who now have the chance to enjoy them instead of collecting dust in my house (the yoyos, not the 7 people). ;D