Well, finally I can get a FULL METAL!!!!!

Okay, I can get a proper throw now (not demeaning the YYJ bi metals, though). I am looking at digging through the BST for a CLYW AC, finding a online retail for a Ministar, and buying a new CODE 2. My style is slow and flexible; as long as the yoyo sleeps I can do a couple of tricks with it. I am looking for grinding, stability, and a yoyo that feels “light”, not technicly, but more of feel, like the Chaser. Thanks in advance!

There is still some Arctic Circles in the store here, they are awesome, I have two. I am thinking of getting a code 2 soon, but I just bought a skywalker and battosai from Heath of Versus Newton YoYo Concepts yesterday. The arctic circle is smooth and has flow, it is not light.

The Ministar sounds like it’s for you. It plays light, is very stable for the size, has great weight distribution, and has General Yo’s beadblast, so it grinds amazingly. One of the Ministars I own is the smoothest throws I have ever used. But good luck finding one new! They were pretty limited to start with, and most are gone. I’ve probably cleaned out any store’s stocks of Ministars! I have 8 ;D. Just a reminder: The Ministar is small. If you are still going up the trick ladder, maybe something else would be better. Still, it is great for tech tricks because of its’ ability to zip through string segments and its’ great stability. (If you exclusively throw a Dark Magic, it may take some getting used to because of the size.)

Even though you have not mentioned it, the CODE 1 is a great fit. It also has the benefit of side effects.