Weirdest reason you bought a yoyo?

I got a CLYW Avalanche because they have cool looking shirts, and I want to buy one one of these days.

I bought my Shinwoo 4A Prowing because I love Korean BBQ, and its from korea O_O.

because i wanted it

Well I bought my first throw because I happend to loose my phone ipod and my tablet was broken all at the same time

I got a gnar because narwhals are my fav animal!

I ordered two yoyorecs because one is never enough.

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thats a given dude. Not weird at all.

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I didn’t think I would win the auction. ::slight_smile:

Reason? Really? Who needs a reason to buy a yoyo? Not me! :wink:

Because I was hungry.

Because the store was out of bacon and hi-chew

My grandmother kept going on and on about her wooden yoyo from when she was a kid… She has on in the mail on the way to her now.

I can’t remember the last time she was this excited about something.

Because I needed something to compliment my feminine side.