weird yoyo choices...


How weird could choices get? Do u use a yoyo for a certain style it wasn’t made for? I do, I use a yyj pinnacle for 4a, can somehow do whips more often. I’ve been doing offstring for about 3 weeks, I some how landed my first under leg whips and behind the back whips, instead of on my go big O_o, problem tho is its impossible impossibly bind :(… post your experience if u have one


I don’t know where the video is, but there is this guy who competed in 4a with a metal yo-yo. Just your average metal yo-yo.


My friend has a clip of him playing 4A with a Jijorian and Mighty Flea. Really funny.


I’m pretty sure I saw a video of a guy doing 4A with a Chief, and then he dropped it and it started just rolling across the ground while he scrambled after it. The dinging sound hurt, but it was kind of funny in a weird way.

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The cerberus is actually my go to 4a yoyo. I just put a slim bearing in it and I’m good the go. The oversized shape along with the metal rims allows good long spins and binds are perfect with the slim bearing.


I like to use my Duncan Mosquito for looping.
As for the Pinnacle for 4a, I know what you mean about the bind. Before I got my Griffinwing I tried to use the Pinnacle for offspring. Ended up taking a Butterfly painting it and adding some duct tape to the rims. A little harder to catch, but a lot easier to bind.


Weirdest thing ive seen is a mighty flee used for 5a the cw was larger than the fleeXD

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I used a mighty flea AS the counter weight once… It didn’t go well c


Go West let’s you use an unresponsive yoyo for 4A. That’s why I love it so much.