4a ?

So I’ve been played 4a since last monday.But with yoyojam lyn fury.It has the problem that it can be binded on 4a (Or I can’t bind it ) And i’m wondering what to get.

Aquarious by YYJ,Fiesta by Yoyojam,Hayabusa by Duncan :wink:

Buy a BigYo or Fiesta. I have bigyo. I actualy started with speed maker. For the bind just do a double bind and you will be ok.

I have both a ShinWo Griffin Wing and a Duncan Hayabusa SL and love them both, but that’s just my opinion. The Fiesta is next on the list for me.

Those are all great choices. However, it sounds like you just need to practice binding more. I use a Spinfaktor HG regularly and it has a similar size gap as the Lyn, but I have no troubles with it. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it. :wink: But feel free to try out any 4a yoyo.

same here but im using a journey, and all I have been doing for the past few days are putting on the string, snap start binding, then throwing it like im going to mount it and then catch it, and I repeat that.

Thanks for replies :smiley: :), but I’ll get aquarius.I tried the hayabusa… and damn,it’s small for 4a! And i realised that i can’t throw big yo well ,because it’s too big XD. :slight_smile:

The Hayabusa isn’t really that small but whatever. The Aquarius is a good choice, but if you can’t fine one, the Fiesta is nearly identical, minus the rubber rims.