Help Binding 4A Hayabusa!

Hey I recently got a Hayabusa from a trade, with mod spacers. I want to learn how to bind. I’m pretty good at 1A, and I can bind 1A yoyos, but I can’t bind 4A yoyos. I don’t know if it is the response, or if I’m not doing it right. When I bind the yoyo it just falls to the ground. Help!

Pull harder? It also helps if you swing the yoyo up in the air while you are binding, it allows gravity to help the string grab.

When you’re doing a 4a bind, you have to do it slightly different from the usual 1a bind people do now where you pinch the string and bind. You have to do it the old school way (it’s really not that different but it’s the easiest way to get a 4a throw up that I know of when starting) which is that once you throw the yo yo and get it on the string, you need to throw the string in your non throw hand back in the direction of your body. It’s really kind of hard to explain through text, but I’m sure the 4a tutorials on this site could help if you haven’t tried them yet. Sorry if that’s kinda hard to follow.

I think this is a common problem when people first start learning 4A, I had it too. You just need to keep searching for that right feeling. Binding in 4A is all about 2 things, the force and direction you throw the string back to the gap, and how strong you pull back with your throw hand. I recommend trying this; Before you bind, swing the yoyo to the front of you, and make sure you pull back hard and soft enough.

Hope this is helpful.

This is a great tip, Swinging the yoyo infront of you before binding means you can throw the string into the gap further and easier making the bind easier to get.

After you have landed the yo yo on the string, you have to make sure that the string in your non-throw hand (or the end of the string) must completely pass the part of the string that is closer to your throw hand. If this does not work, and it takes one or two wraps around the yo yo to bring it up, you might need to change your response pads. If this still does not work, even with new response pads, then your gap is too wide.

Do you have the 4A mod spacers or the 1A ones? the gap is kinda’ large on the 1A ones for 4A throwing. The 4A ones don’t have anywhere for pads to go.

Bindinf 4a is kind of hard, but I think it’s like binding from a trapeze. Like sommeone else said, swing the yoyo out in front of you, and throw the string into the gap. It took me a while to get it.If you can do it on another 4a yoyo, then something may be wrong with your habyusa.

try twisting your throwhand around the yoyo and then pull

It is harder to do if you use the recessed triad.

What color are the spacers in it? Not the mod spacers, I mean the ones in the bearing seat. I got a Hayabusa from the Secret Santa last year, and it only came with the wider spacers, so it was unresponsive.