4a binding

Its impossible. Is there any trick to this?

Try forcing the string into the gape some more. Also, make sure that the gap is small and the response system is strong so it can come back up.

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Also, make sure that it’s a 4a yoyo.

It will not grab off of a regular 4a bind if it’s a 1a yoyo.

Oh. I see. I have a DM II here. Maybe that’s why. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using a speed dial and all I do is tighten the gap.

Yup, that explains it.

Get yourself a 4a yoyo. :slight_smile:

use the small bearing maybe??

It will still get dinged up.

play on grass or carpet

Can someone recommend (cheap) 4a yoyos?

How cheap?

The Go big is great!

The Fiesta xx is awesome!

The Griffon wing by Shinwoo is cheap, and great!

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I’m thinking of 10-20 dollars if that’s possible. :slight_smile:

The Hayabusa is a pretty fine offstring for beginners.  That’s what I use and I really enjoy it.  Pretty great throw for $22.

Then the fiesta xx and griffin Wing fit right in!

Cheap and great?

Shinwoo Griffin Wing. Big catch zone. Easier than the Hayabusa! However, get the Duncan mod spacers and it will be better.

Better? Fiesta XX. My personal choice.

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I agree with everyone that has said the Fiesta XX. It is a great 4A beginners yoyo. It goes about $2 over your budget but is definantly worth it.

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Ok thanks. I think I’ll get a fiesta xx.

Looks like i have to tell my dad to order fiesta instead of genesis for my birthday. :smiley:

Instead of Genesis???

Yep I wanted genesis more than anything (but I’m not good enough for it yet. Too advanced for me)
And it costs a lot. So I decided to get it when I get better at yoyoing. :slight_smile:

I use the DMII all the time for 4A. Just use the narrow bearing, and play over carpet.