Weird WeDGE bearing residue

(Niko) #1

So, I’ve had my wedge for about two weeks now, & it’s been playing great. But whenever I unscrew it I take notice of this strange black grease which coats the inside of the bearing seat & the bearing. You can see it quite clearly as it sticks to my finger. When I got my wedge brand new it was totally clean & had none of this grease. I have cleaned the bearing with acetone & the seat with a q tip, & that solved it until the grease came back about 2 days later. Does it come from the axle hole? Is it just foreign particles from the string? My YYJ Classic also has this but not as much. It uses the same axle system. Is this normal for such plastics? Thanks.

(Sergio) #2

Bearing wear maybe? Is it lubed?

(Niko) #3

No, the bearing is as new as the yoyo & it has YYF performance oil in it.


Could just be some residue from the oil interacting with brass insert. Brass tarnishes blackish.

(Niko) #5

That actually seems likely, the problem arose after I lubed it.

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OMG this explains a lot! Great question @NikoH

(Niko) #7

So I think it’s most likely a reaction with the brass & the lube, I wonder what the chemicals or ingredients used in YYF performance oil are.


I don’t think it’s so much of a chemical thing. The brass insert will naturally tarnish, the bearing rubbing against the brass insert will make a little dust, and the lube will pickup that dust so it’s more of a blackish oily residue. That’s just my guess based on experience though, I don’t know any of the science behind it. :man_shrugging: