What should I do? (bearing help)

Last week, I bought two General Yo AIGR Bearings From the YYE store. I got them On saturday, and popped them in my Werrd 4XL. After 4 days of play, I noticed rust and weird discoloration on them (like twenty minutes ago.) I can’t replace them myself, as I am really low on cash right now. I would like to get some plain YYE stainless steel ones. I don’t really mind the General YO part, I just need some bearings. Should I contact YYE and ask for help, or how should I approach this incident. I’m not mad, just a little annoyed that this happened. Any suggestions?

That’s a good bearing. If its not playing well, just clean it. I use acetone, 10 minute soak swirling occasionally then spin dry before putting it back in the Yoyo.

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Just a bit of tarnish, shouldn’t affect anything.

Okay…I guess I over reacted to the brown…ill go clean it…thanks guys.