Stainless Bearing turned cloudy

Hi Everybody! I have purchased 10 pieces of Concave 10-ball bearing, they were marketed as stainless steel (not here in YYE, not in US, not a store specifically for yoyos).

Once I received them, I cleaned 3 pieces using acetone and lubed them as the usual procedure. I put them each in a yoyo, played for a while and stored them. The string was never removed.

However, the outer race of the bearing, where the string loop stays, turned cloudy. It happened to all 3 of them. It is not shiny as before, it turned into a matte-looking steel. It does not bug me, but I think it is worth to think about this for a while. :slight_smile: Does this indicate that it is not really stainless steel?

Just to isolate the case, I swapped the bearings with the one that are not cleaned/lubed. I am thinking that it might just be the acetone. I will check back on them next week.

Mate, it’s not your best silverware.

If it’s playing fine then just keep using it.


Yeah, just found out that it could happen to other stainless steel utensils. Its working fine but doubting if I will buy another bulk of them since I hate false marketing. Lol. Just like what they say, you get what you pay for.

There are various grades of stainless. Some of them are more prone to oxidation/tarnishing.

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That may be the reason for this. Maybe I will stick with Pixel for some time.

From what I’ve seen, steel will definitely do that. Only one of my bearings still shows a clean reflection, and I got to admit, it’s very cool staring at it while throwing.

You could probably just give the outer race a quick polish or something to get looking new again.

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