weird sounds

I just got a new yoyo for my birthday, the yomega dash. it wouldn’t have been my first choice but my parents got it for me. For a first all metal yoyo its great. after i broke in the bearing i tryed to put shims in it which had no apparent effect so i took them out. then the bearing stated to make some weird sounds, so i took it apart and cleaned and lubed it. that didn’t help. any suggestions?

i was also wondering how wide a size C konkave bearing is. i don’t have a calipers to get and accurate measurement of my size C, or a konkave to measure only a normal one. if you could figure out how wide they are that would be awsome!


Just keep playing with it. I love my dash. I’ve got some of the best throws around and this one is so much fun.

i did notice that it plays just as unresponsive as the DM now but still makes the noise. the dash is a great yoyo. i’m gonna try silicone instead of rubber rings and see if that helps.

Silicone will work but if you break in that rubber stuff it’s awesome forever.

the rubber is good and i haven’t fully broken it it yet, but a few times it will snap back during a trick. i did save them in case i wanted to switch back.

Did you use thin lube?

Yes and only a drop on a pin