speedacholic HELP!

so I bought a speedahloic and the bearing they sent me is obiousvly bad cause ive cleaned and lubed it and still is messing up, what bearing can I use to replace it, cause I put my gensis bearing in it and it worked. so anyone have ideas let me know!

Any size C should fit into the Speedaholic, if the bearing is bad in someway u just need to replace it with something like a OD 10 ball. What is exactly wrong with the bearing? Because u may not need to replace it.

I had a problem with my Speedacholic when I got it because no matter how hard or well I threw it would not spin straight. A new bearing and string help a lot.

the bearing looks bad, I have cleaned it and lubed it, I belive that its bent inside or something. OD 10 ball what is that exactly?

It’s a bearing made by One Drop with 10balls instead of 8 so there’s overall less friction causing a smoother throw. I believe they have them in stock on YYE, but if they don’t I also recommend Yoyofactory C sized bearings also found on the site.

So how much did you lube it? Have you tried just cleaning it and using it that way? Did you remove the shields to clean it?

yes ive tired everything, the bearing itself looks weird on one of the rings, im just going to buy another bearing I don’t like the crappy 8 ball anyway, its cheaply made and very bad

did you buy the yoyo new?
If so I bet you could get a free replacement bearing.

yea I bought it new who do I need to contact about that

Probably Yoyoexpert, but if not YYE then c3Yoyodesign

More information would be helpful. Is this your first modern yoyo?

Please elaborate on weird/bad.

That happened with my speedaholic too, I gave them a call and then got a free bearing.