Weird Habits


So, I was throwing earlier, and realized that I have an odd habit or two I’ve always had when throwing. One of mine is when I put the string on my finger, I ALWAYS have to have the part of the loop with two strings on the left side…

Anybody else have habits?


The string will get loose on your finger, and slip, if you have the double string on the left side when you throw down.


About the loop, it may be habit for you, but keeping the two strings on the left keeps the slip knot from getting bigger and prevents slippage. Though, if you put it on snug enough, it doesn’t matter which side.

(2Sick Joey) #4

1.) I hate when the strings in my yoyo cases show. It drives me crazy, seriously.
2.) I have to have the loop facing the right side of my finger.
3.) I tie my loops really big on all my strings for ease of counterweight attaching even though I only use one yoyo for 5a.
4.) I always throw a sleeper before I do a trick. It’s a habit from all the times I’ve hit myself from not checking if I had knots.
5.) I have to always have a yoyo in my pockets or I feel odd.
6.) In my case I have the metals and plastics separated and I can always tell when someone moves a yoyo around from where I put it.


I thought that the double string faced away from your body. I’m a lefty and put it on facing left, I sorta just figured righties had the double string facing right. That’s what I do the rare times I practice throwing with my right. Now I’m just really confused. ???

As for where I got my info from. I got it from the “String Placement” Vid in the looping section.


Yea, the double is facing away from your body to keep it tight when throwing.

(UmeNagisa) #7

For me, I have to spread the double string, and make em fit around my knuckle.
Its hard to explain, so eventually I’ll put a pic up.

And I throw with middle and ring in my slip knot.
And most of the time, I feel like I bind weird.
I can’t explain. But I’ll post a video showing it eventually
Also, I have a habit of throwing some fixed axle tricks in my 1a.


Here you go aznnboyaZ… :stuck_out_tongue:


Charles Haycock does that so you must be doing something right


I’ve noticed a lot of people put their loop farther up on their fingers. I, on the other hand, HAVE to have it really far down on the finger, it annoys me if it isn’t. I also like to have the double string facing the left. It doesn’t feel right if it faces any other way, and it hasn’t caused problems for me.


Whenever I Yoyo I stick my tongue out put I don’t know why but it’s an odd habit. Also I have to have my Yoyo string near my hand nice and snug


Thats prity much it for me.


I have too have a perfect clean bind before I put my yoyo back in the case…


^same here because knowing me i’ll bring it out and hurt myself.

but i always make weird faces and if I get in the zone i do little dances when throwing to a beat


“Double loop on the left” or “double loop away from the body”. I don’t know what direction you all are talking about!

The doubled part of the string (assuming you’re wearing it on your middle finger) touches your index finger when your hands are closed. Or else it’s weird.

At minimum, I have to have the “doubled” part twisted before I snug up the knot. But more often, I use a special finch-head knot that someone (Waylon?) taught me way back in the day. I use it on all my yoyos.

When snugged up, the string has to be just past the first knuckle, and the single string coming out of the slipknot has to be perfectly centered. Whenever possible, the knot on the other side of the finger should be perfectly centered as well. I can survive if it’s not, but I get pretty annoyed.


would it make me weird if I’m a righty and have my double knot facing away from me but when i close my hand like greg p posted the double knot touches my ring finger, and i keep it on my middle knuckle of my middle finger so my whole knuckle has a callus.

(UmeNagisa) #17

Haha! Nice catch.
I actually started doing the double finger thing since march.
But now it feels so awkward without it!