Bad Habits?

Got any yoyoing bad habits? Mine is I always keep the string on the back instead of the front part of my middle finger :-\

I have a bad habit of of when trying to slack not pinching the string.


My bad habit is not practicing as much as I would like to. This leads to me being inconsistent in hitting my tricks.

slouching my back during a speed combo

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I don’t throw enough. I have so many AMAZING yo-yos, and they just sit there all shiny and pristine. Such is the curse of a collector…

i do that too but didn’t realize that was bad. what detrimental effect does that have? seems like if i keep the string near the from part of my finger it tends to slip off more easily.

This happened to me until I built a real callus. Since then, I have been able to keep it in the middle without any problems.

The problem is on front style tricks because the strings don’t line up as easily, or for example a trick like thimble by the rethinkyoyo dude.

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One of the bad habbits I have is doing way too many green triangles I need some more differenter tricks

Regarding the string-knuckle placement thing:

If I’m too close to the base of my finger (near the hand proper) it feels really weird and misaligned to throw. But then it feels nifty for certain sidestyle tricks. But then it screws up alignment on front throws. So I just keep it in the typical spot.

HOWEVER… the string slipping can be frustrating. Easily solved with 1 of 3 different techniques, though. “Safety Harness” (an extra not-knotted loop), Finch’s head knot (an alternative slipknot), or twisting the heck out of the loop itself (creates more friction for the slipknot). I fear not a yoyo slipping off my finger!

Bad habits… knowing that my approach to a trick or technique is NOT yielding the correct results, but NOT ADJUSTING! Just doing it the same way AGAIN and expecting results to be different. :wink: Insanity in the literal sense!

perfect slipknot length

You mean you guys don’t put the loop near your first knuckle??? that’s a bad habbit?

My bad habit would be probably neglecting front style tricks, I just find side style to be more fun for me

Regarding string slipping: If the single string side of the slip k it is towards your thumb you’ll get much less slipping. If the double string side of the slip knot is towards your thumb you’ll get a lot more slippage.

^ are you GregP’s American counterpart?

The two most important Gregs north and south of the border!

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Bad Habit Yoyo - that would be a great name for a yoyo company. My bad habit is putting off the things I should be doing in order to yoyo. Hence the name, Bad Habit Yoyo.

A really bad habit that I have is whenever I get a knot in the string while playing I take the string off my finger and try to fix the knot while the yoyo is still spinning and sometimes my hand slips and the yoyo falls on the ground while spinning and runs across the room crashing into walls which always leads to huge dings.

That doesn’t sound like a bad habit. It just sounds like you’re kinda lazy, but I do the same thing.

I do the same thing too

I always mess up on whipping tricks cause I never get the motion right… ;D