Hey guys I weightlift and just wanted to see if any other people do this too. Big strong arms produce HUGE sleep times! :wink:

I do bodyweight stuff. Does that count?

sure, anything that build muscle.

I lifted a toothpick once; didnt end well.

Let’s just say im not gonna be doing that again…

Um I think my DV888 was pretty heavy once I stacked it. But I did like tons of reps (in between combos). I guess I could call myself a little over average :wink:

Bro, do you even lift?

yep. absolutely. I benched just 2 hours ago. yesterday was biceps, today was chest and tomorrow triceps.

I’m working on Parkour, so I’m trying to improve my flexibility too. It hurts!

Parkour is beast, u gotta be in gooooddd shape to do that. check out the game vector, its based off parkour. if u dont have it already :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in pretty good shape…

I lift my own body weight, no actual weights :slight_smile:

I shoot archery so it’s kinda similar. I would like to figure out how much I can bench but my school doesn’t have a weight room and I don’t have any at home.

I lift about 4 times a week. I use small weights and just do a lot of reps. I need to get some heavier weights soon.

I do kendama for cardio and lower body.

I have only been doing this routine for a month or 2, but I have already lost weight and gained some muscle. Being a stocky guy, I put on muscle very easily.

I use a 4 day a week split, cardio 2 days. Its part of my job to be fit, but only to a certain extent. I really only need to be able to run, but I like weight training better. If I didn’t have to be able to run, I would bulk up more, but I already sit at a pretty muscled out 200 lb., and my max weight for my height is 206.

That website is such a great resource, doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, they have plans for both. They also have a super active and super helpful forum. Their supplement store is also well priced.

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no im sure u are, but when I was into parkour, it was tough…

I’m not big on lifting weights, but I do p90x which does involve some weight training. But it’s mostly bodyweight stuff/cardio. I’m actually going later today to interview for a job as a fitness instructor.

I mainly do it for football, but I also like to be in the weight room whenever I have time. About 4 times a week, 90 mins or so each day.

Use to be in conditioning in school and worked out 5 days a week. 4 days weightlifting, two heavy weight days, two light weight days, 1 day cardio. I don’t think I’ve lost any muscle since I quit though since I can still life the same amount I used to. Don’t pop a vain lifting yoyo spirit I’ve seen your Facebook pictures. Lol


so you’re pretty muscular becuz of football then. what position do you play?

I’m on the line, tackle, guard, and defensive end.