The weight trainers of YYE

I can’t be the only one here who lifts! Post your max lifts, your weight, and transformation pics if you have them!

Bench- 230
Deadlift- 345
Military press- 135

As I’m sure you can see I need to raise my squat. Weighing 170 even today :slight_smile:

My transformation- When the before pictures was taken in 2013 i believe, (thats the most recently shirtless picture i had before i started working out) but it wasn’t my heaviest. My heaviest was at about July of last year, where i was weighing in at about 255. Mods, please let me know if i need to remove the pictures and i will

Lets talk weights!

I started with body weight and did it primarily for a year and a half. I was barely able to do a pull up. Push-ups were about 10-15. I have always been underweight my whole life. I can do about 15 quality non-kipping pull ups now. My best push up record was 4 sets of 65 with a one minute break in between. I gained 25lbs. I started a 5x5 program a year ago but had to stop because of a knee injury. I’m back on it again but since the program requires you to start light I do know my max lifts yet. Before injury my squat was 245, DL 220, Bench 185, OH press 125. My Bench form is way better so I’m excited to see where it ends up. Once you see the benefits of how you feel, energy level, etc it’s easy to stick with it.

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dang man, 25lbs is some serious progress! I don’t know how many lbs of muscle I’ve gained because while I was building muscle I also lost a lot of body fat.

How old are you, and what are you weighing if you don’t mind me asking? Just curious! :slight_smile:

I’m 38. Gains were over the course of 2 years. Only real food - no supplements. I’m currently @ 192lbs, but I’m tall (6’2"). Lots of noob gains the first year. My highest weight was 198lbs.

I forgot to mention that you have some nice progress yourself!


What’s your diet like? Are you following any programs or anything? I’ve been eating on a diet called Paleo Auto Immune, and It’s worked really well for me.

I’ve tried a lot of different things. I attribute a lot of my success to my initial body weight training. Push-ups, pull-up, dips, ring rows, and planks/L-Sits. Before that I always stalled due to pulling a back muscle. Doing BW built my core and equaled my imbalances. I did a lot of core work with gymnastics stuff. When I decided to add legs to my workout I switched to Stronglifts 5x5. It was good timing because I was started to get overworked. Dialing back to three days helped my progress. The workout is:
3-5 one minute planks
5x5 Squats (10lb increase next workout if completed)
5x5 Bench. (5lb increase)
5x5 BB Row (5lb increase)
3x5 weighted dips

3-5 one min planks
5x5 Squats
5x5 overhead press
1x5 Deadlifts
3x5 weighted chin-ups

Workout is 3x a week alternating A and B

My diet is tailored to what works for me and long term health. I don’t do high protein because I don’t feel it’s healthy in the long term. Most of my carbs are whole grain. No processed foods unless necessary. Low sugar and LOTs of veggies. Veggies were the biggest help for me as my energy levels increased by a lot. Fats are from good sources like olive oil and avocado, and lean meats. I know if I measured things I wou probably have better results with weight gain.

What do you do for a workout?

I absolutely LOVE avocado.  One of my favorite meals is tuna mixed with mashed avocado, with some lemon juice.  Good lean protein, healthy fats, very tasty.

I’ve been working out with weights 5 days a week, and throw in an extra cardio workout usually on saturdays, wednesdays, and thursdays.  Monday is chest and back, Tuesday is deadlifts, Wednesdays are shoulders, Thursday is bis and tris, and Friday is Squats plus usually a bit more back work.

I’ve been following the “Hercules” program lately when I’m able to apply it to my workouts.  It has me doing a lot of stuff i don’t normally do, which has been really helping with size and shape gains lately.

I also try and hit some core after every workout.  A strong core has really helped with increases in my OH press and Deadlift max.

We should trade food recipes!

The Rock is hardcore. That guy works hard. He’s one of the few celebs that continues to workout while he films. I tried a split not to long ago and I found my body doesn’t respond as well. I used to workout 4-5 days but I’m finding that 3 days gives better results. I often wonder how much is age related. Recovery is different at 38 than 16, but I think body type plays a part too. I also try to run a couple days a week for 2-3 miles but I don’t count that. My friend is the opposite. Splits work great for him and he gets good results. Everyone is different.

Everyone is very different!

That’s one of my main challenges with my job. I recently became a personal trainer, and i learned pretty quickly that just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. I’ve learned a lot though from having to cater to the individual, and its made me a better problem solver among things.

I used to run back when i was heavier and just starting out, but it hurt my knees too bad and i had to quit. I might take it back up now though because it wont be as much impact on my knees.

I could probably lose some weight, but I ain’t gonna. :smiley:

Hey man, the first step is knowing that anything is possible with enough effort. It’s a difficult and long process, but It’s worth it.

Also, Max updates!

Max bench went up to 235, and max deadlift went to 355! Took some motivation from my girlfriend, but i was able to pull it up without any preworkout, no chalk, and a cheapy velcro belt that the gym had on hand.

I’m not as hardcore as you two. I do the basics just to stay fit; dumbbells, push ups, pull ups, planks, and the treadmill. Once I drive I’d like to hit the gym!

Lifting, other exercise, and diet put you on your way but don’t forget lots of water and lots of sleep. Sleep seems to be the toughest to remember for many. (Especially you school age whippersnappers.) ;D

I train for hockey, and not specifically for lifting, but I suppose I could contribute. My transformation is a bit different than most others, as I aimed to gain weight, but I don’t have pictures. Because of my focus on hockey specific areas, my lower body is disproportionately stronger than my upper body.
Bench 175 3 reps
Squat 315 4 reps
Deadlift 315 3 reps

I also did a crazy bike in the mountains today in 35*C heat, my quads feel like jelly right now.

I want my squat up that high so bad. My hip flexers aren’t the best, and i believe that’s what’s holding me back right now. I’ve been doing hip abb/adduction exercises for help with that.

Sleep is hard for me to get, but It is definitely one of the most important factors, if not the most important.

That’s getting up there!

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Good for you. You can do a lot with just body weight.

Range of motion definitely helps a lot.