Working out/Exercise thread

I want to know who on this forum is into weightlifting and general fitness.

I can’t go 4 days without exercising. I have so much pent up energy that sometimes I feel like Bender in that one episode of Futurama.

Post what type of exercises you do, and let this be The thread that can give people tips on getting in better shape.

I do track and field and cross country a lot, keeps me active and having fun! Probably ought to lift more often but I’m weak…

Then get stronger 8)

Start from square one and work up.

Good advice, then what would be some good beginning weight lifting?

Cross Country during season.

Pullups are where it’s at, I’ve been doing them weighted, along with weighted pushups for a couple weeks. Got my first left-handed one-handed pushup just last night.

Body weight is all you need, really.

Air squats.
Burpees (look 'em up).
Pullups if you have a bar.
I could go on if you like…

track + cross country + soccer + football (offseason)
and gym workout with normal things like
vertical training, lifting, dumbells, pullups, ect…
plus some freerunning on the side

I have a 1hr kung fu session twice a week, which is pretty intense.

I cycle to work, Monday to Friday, it’s not far, about a 6 mile round trip, and then I usually do an hour or so on a Saturday morning, depending on how I’m feeling. Occasionally I’ll take my bike out on a Saturday and do 60 miles.

I work out about 4 days a week and swim on my off days. I am only 14 and just started lifting weights, when I 1st turned 14 I started doing pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and other body-weight activities that gave me a good start and build for weight lifting. Also it is very important to workout your legs to. Many people just focus on the showy muscles like biceps and triceps but your legs are half of your body and if you play power sports such as wrestling, football, or others just running won’t do. I also highly recommend swimming, it uses your entire body and can really give one a lot of definition and a solid build an also a lot of stamina. It’s like running for your whole body.

If you want to build some muscle and gain strength, then find weights you’re comfortable with in different exercises.
But Trace had a good point to. Body weight workouts are incredible. I did three months of nothing but body weight exercises and I looked and felt amazing. But nowadays I’m adding weight to what I do; put a disc weight on my for pushups and put on a weight belt for pull ups, etc.

But I think a good way to measure strength before you jump into workouts is to test your fastest, your max bench press, and how many pull ups you can do. The reasonnyou want to do that is so you can do it again, in a month. It measures your progress and strength, and makes you feel good that your gaining.

Just start off with some lighter weights and make sure you’re able to push yourself to do one more each time.

X-Country, Indoor/Outdoor Track FTW! Anyhow I take an extra fitness class with my daily dose of running. But I recommend the above if you’re looking to get dense and not necessarily “jacked”. I recommend basic pushups, situps, pullups, and cardio if you’re just starting to work out. Always remember: just because you can do 15 pushups easy does NOT mean it’s helping you more then if it was 10. Less reps mean there’s more room for improvement and better potential!

The push up thing is spot on.
Another tip: if you can do 15 normal pushups, try 10 super slow pushups. Control is more important than the amount of reps you do.