weight rings on my Black Knight

How can I Get my weight rings off my black knight.

You’ll ruin the yoyo. Why do you want to?

It is all ready ruined so it doesn’t matter, but the rims are fine so I want to use them for a mod I am doing.

i think born2yoyo said leave it in acetone and it’ll eat the plastic away

Oh well if it’s already ruined then alright.

I wouldn’t melt the plastic away. That’ll give off some seriously bad fumes. I would simply pry and pull at the plastic with screwdrivers and pliers. Maybe a hammer?

I haven’t seen a Black Knight up close so I don’t know how tough the metal rim is. Apetrunk’s idea may be easiest, or you might try freezing it and then breaking the plastic.

Would boiling it do anything?

Yes heat would definitely do something. I thought to mention boiling and other heat methods, but I do not advocate doing things that can injure before trying every thing else. If you boil it you will also have to let it cool before handling it again or find a good way to hold it like pliers. Gloves/mitts will be of little protection if the boiling water gets through them, and can result in first degree burns. Believe me I know all about hot things.

I’d be happy to take it apart for you but there would be shipping costs.

What have you tried so far?

Okay got them apart. I will close the thread now.