new breed help!!!

hey guys. ive had my new breed for a while and i decided to dye it. when i put it in the hot water after a couple minutes the metal weight rings fell off!! i guess they put the rings on by cold then hot treatment? can anyone help. is it possible to get the weight rings back on . thanks

Your water was too hot or you left it for to much time. Show us a picture of the yoyo and the rims.

ok here

send an email to yyoojam

yeah fortunatly i found out how to get it back to normal by my seelf. what i did was heat the plastic in hot water and cool the metal rims in the freezer. then i took out the plastic dried it out, and then pushed the rims into place and it worked. so now i have a half gray half green/black new breed. its now siliconed and drying. but ive got to see if it plays ok. so yeah

hey i ordered a new breed last night i hope its good

good. its really good. the weight rings only fell off cause i heated it too much. i fixed it tho.