Bootleg DM Mod Help

I have this bootleg DM that I’m getting no use of, and I really wanna use the parts for modding. Does anyone know of any way I could get the rims off of the body?

pliers probably

If you can risk the body, I bet the rims might stay in good shape if you smash the plastic… Like open it up and hammer the plastic… If it shatters and the ring is still there my guess would be that you could pick the broken plastic out like glass from a window

put it in boiling water, in might help.

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If the rings are press-fitted like on the newer YYJ’s (New Breed, Atmosphere), they should come off if exposed to a lot of heat. And you can put them back o by heating it all up again, putting them back on and then quickly cool it down.

I’ll try the boiling water thing, but after that shoul I just use pliers and pull em off?

Use some rubber gloves with grip-dot thingies on the fingers. Try to pull them off while holding the yoyo in the boiling water, they might actually just fall off. The water can get too hot, so this can be risky depending on the quality of the rubber gloves.

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Ok. I boiled it and just hit t with a hammer and the plastic fell off. Thanks you guys!

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I love the hammer idea

That’s no banhammer joke… This is:


Most of the YoYoJam product line is actually injection molded - meaning plastic is injected and actually molded onto the metal itself - you wouldn’t be able to put a ring back on if you took it off.

Only the newer released models (New Breed and Atmosphere) are what people would consider press fit. :slight_smile:

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