Removing DM weight rings...

Well, I broke my DM. I ripped off the nubs, and such. (it is unplayable so don’t even tell me how to fix it :P) I am going to take off the weight rings and send them to a modder. What is the most efficient way of getting these off the DM, without damaging the metal itself?


The best way is to let the modder remove the broken plastic. Trust me I have done it 10 or twelve times. It’s the best and smartest way.

Before I saw that - I did something else. I soaked it in paint thinner and the plastic just slided out. No damage done- BUt it wasn’t smart or safe. I’ll be sure to send them to a modder the next time.

As long as you do it outside with plenty of ventilation then it’s fine.

Well then I guess I did the right thing. Oh and for anyone who wants them; They are for sale.