dark magic weight rings

How do you remove the weight rings from a dark magic?

Why would you want to do that? If your case is that your DM is completely broken and cant be fixed try this: Put the yoyo in mineral spirits, it will disolve the plastic but not the rims.

If you are trying to remove them and put them onto something else, you cant, to remove them you need a lathe or some other cutting tool. Soaking your yoyo in Mineral Spirits is just an intelligent way to destroy your yoyo. IF you are going to call me a liar about reattaching the rings, ask Icthus.

Yeah, it’s a broken DM. I just want to remove the rings and see if I can make something else with them. Thanks for the tip.

Ehhh, I don’t think so. Acetone or lacquer thinner will cause it to dissolve, but mineral spirits, probably not.

Mineral spirits would probably work, but very slowly, and then you risk inhaling plastic…If you don’t know, that’s bad.

Just break the plastic with a hammer and screwdriver or something.

The yoyo is broken? Um… smash it?
May I ask whats broken about it? Perhaps we can fix it.

i cut it in 4ths w a dremml then put it in a vice took a hammer and a srew driver and put it on each piece and popped it out

I was thinking of doing something similar.  I’m no chemist but i suspect melting the plastic with chemicals could put off some nasty fumes.

I don’t know why you’d think I’d call you a liar.  I don’t know you beyond your posts on here which are generally good.  However, I had a spare beat DM that i tried to recess and I trashed the bearing seat by pushing the tool too hard.  I have a Mosquito I recessed and nothing to lose so I thought I’d try this:

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Thanks for the info, Brian. i’ll remember that.