What can I do with my Dark Magic's Metal Rings?

Hey guys, I recently took the metal rims off my Dark Magic. It was already beat to crap and chop full of cracks. I couldnt even use it so i figured i might as well save those rings.

What can I do with them? Or did I just waste my time saving them.

Put them on another yo-yo!

Just because a yoyo is in horrid condition doesn’t mean its not re-usable. Sand it, polish it, re-finish it.

Yes he is rigth satin finish them.


I dont think you read my post right. IT WAS BROKEN. UN-USABLE. :stuck_out_tongue:

It didn’t say broken. It said it has cracks. You can still use it!

Try to make your own YoYo and pop them on that…

How did you get them out?

Since it was already full of cracks i just unscrewed it, tossed it in a GLASS bowl and filled it with acetone. then let it sit for 10 minutes. by then you can just pry the plastic off with 2 pairs of plyers. I used one normal pair and one needle nose pair.

When my Spinmaster was broken (as in doing 4a on tile (bad idea) and one rim came completely off)) I just used a screwdriver and pounded it into the plastic and it came out in a few seconds.

I’ve seen a Hitman’s metal ring come FLYING off while doing a trick. Not fun man, not fun!

Propose to a giant :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, where do you get these jokes from??? The weirdest things… Whats next?

ear rings.

Nose Ring.

Go to a carnival and use them for the ring toss. Your bound to win all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

eat them O.o

Referbish them - put them back on. OR put them on another plastic yoyo. (Modding required)

Put onions on them. ONION RINGS!