Are weight rings from very cracked Speeder/DM useful for any mods?


I have a Speeder and DM that are cracked beyond repair and was wondering if there was a way to still use them w a modded yoyo possibly? I was thinking w the Speeder weight rings you could put them on a FHZ (or maybe a bigger yoyo in diameter if thats too small)? Anyways if anyone has any ideas that would be awesome!

The Speeder is my first post 90s yoyo and its the special ed one w brass looking weight rings, so would like to see it put to use if possible rather than throw them away.


Yes, a lot of people have used the metal rims on other yoyos. Takes a lathe to do the job right.


So much fun to do as well.


Okay well I dont think I will have access to a lathe anytime soon haha. I might just send them to someone for free if they are going to use them as a mod themselves, as long as I get to see the finished product. That or maybe pay someone to do something with them then ship it back to me.

Jhb and Itchus since you posted first you guys can have first dibs on them, if not Im sure I can find a modder who would want them for something they will use.

Its not about the $ I spent on them, its more that they were great throws I took w me everywhere for a couple years and I would hate to see them go in the garbage :/.

If you live really far away I might just ask to cover shipping, but really would be cool to see a finished product as well :).


Thanks for the offer, but I don’t have access to a lathe myself.


Ooh can I have them? I could use them.


I just found out one of my buddies has a lathe, I am hanging out with him in sometime next week so I am going to ask him what he could make me. If he says “nothing idk how to do yoyos” then yes I will send them to you Modman10 =).

I will PM you in around a week to let u know, I just want to make sure before I send them off, but you have first dibs on them =).