Looking for broken Yoyojams

Hey everyone, I’m looking to buy or trade for some broken Yoyojams, particularly Dark Magic 2s where the solid spin system failed. Looking to tear the rims off for mods. Thanks!


I pretty sure I have a yellow Dark Magic 2 without the middle guts, just the plastic and metal rims. No cracks if you’re interested. I’ll verify and post pics here when I’m done with work today.


Here are all the spare parts I have. Kinda upset that I only found one cap, but you can see how off center it is. No cracks in the plastic. I hear and see a lot of YoyoJam yo-yos cracking and I don’t get it. I’m the original owner of 2 other Dark Magic 2’s, a Speeder, Lynn Fury and a Classic. All have zero cracks and have been played quite a bit. :man_shrugging: Anywho, not sure what these are worth so shoot me an offer.
I had all these shims packed with these halves as well.

Like these DM2 weight rings?

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Just posted a beat X-Convict FS: YYJ, YYR, RCS, Fair Trade, Mowl, Duncan

LMK if you’re interested!

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