Uhhh, I don't think this is supposed to happen.


The rings fell of my DM2 lol, just wanted to share. They popped back in without a problem.


Nice picture. :wink:


So did they both just fall off by themselves?


Pretty much lol. I hit the yoyo hard against something and they popped off, the rings on this particular DM2 do sometimes separate.


How did it play without the extra weight? :wink:


Horribly :stuck_out_tongue: Like a yoyo from a dollar store.


That is trippy.

(SR) #8

Did you play it with the rings off?


I believe he did…


Same thing almost happened to me, except the rings didn’t come all the way off.


This always happened to me. I eventually popped them off to try and sand some of the dings out.



I’ve had this kind of happen with my DM2. Banged it on something and the rings kind of got loosened. I was able to apply some pressure and the loose ring clicked back into place. Maybe you could carefully do the same?

PS: if you hit it on something hard, they didn’t fall off by themselves :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice, but they’ve been on for a while lol. I wouldn’t call myself a modder if I couldn’t fix this :wink: