AHHH!!!! (panic attack)

so I got into 5a and was throwing while on my break and dropped it, well I picked it up and noticed that one of the metal rings (its a DM2) had seemed to start to come off, I freaked and pushed it back on but now it vibes and wobbles horribly bad, and I cant unscrew it either!! on half (the one that had the the ring falling off) just rotates around the axle. Argh!!! My yoyo I’ve murdered it!!!

You might be able to fix it to the yoyo better with glue. But i’d talk to someone who knows what their doing like icthus before doing anything.

calm down, calm down.

pull apart while unscrewing and it should unscrew. make sure you unscrew it before attemting to push the metal back onto it, or you might end up stripping the axle.

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Actually if it’s not coming apart. It’s dead. Sorry

i thought the same thing with my dm2. i pulled hard AND unscrewed at same time. it worked.

same thing gappened to my dm2. one day i lost the axel to my sfx so i went to take the axel out of my dm2 and the nut was spinning inside the plastic and i eventually had to cut out the nut to get the axel out.

I think if you just push the rims hard it’ll work. My friend popped the whole rim off, and all he did was push hard. Very little extra vibe.