legacy weight rings

i was wondering if it was possible to remove a legacy’s weight rings??? ???


Evan took them out of his. He guided me through the steps, and how he got them out is with the back of a hammer.

does it affect the play at all?

duh, it plays better with the weight rings

oh ok thanks ;D

i did it using a screw driver to pry em out, but dont do it lol it is extremely light without them like less than 50g light

took the wieghts out in mine regret it deeply and its impossible to get them back in

wow that sucks!!!
now i know what not to do lol ;D

it can’t be impossible to get them back in otherwise they wouldn’t be there in the first place, careful with your hyperbole. I’ll try it out on my legacy and get back to this thread.

i emailed Andre about mine he said they use a special machine to put them in

However YOU don’t have that special machine

yup, a special machine alright, a fricken’ channel-lock pliers with a piece or rubber wrapped around the yoyo to keep from gouging the plastic.
I took the whole thing apart, pried out the weight rings with a screw driver using a piece of rubber to keep from gouging again. I actually like the look of the legacy without the side pogs in, maybe I’ll polish the weight rings and leave it that way. I played with it without any weight in it, oddly it actually still plays alright without weights, just not as much spin time and no margin for error. The weight rings look like regular hardware store steel washers, any info on that? Genius on yyj’s part if they are. I digress. I put the rings back in like I said with a channel lock pliers and the sides of a rubber cutting mat to protect the yoyo. Put all the pieces together and it works like a dream, just like before this adventure.
short answer: Yes! you can take out the rings. Second answer: Yes! the rings affect the play considerably. And follow up answer: Yes! you can reassemble it