Legacy question

is there a way to take out the the weight rings in my legacy without damaging the rings

Im not sure about this but I think you shouls worry about damaging the legacy,but why would you want to remove them? IMO that would make it more of a kickside.

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YES!!! Ok… go to your driveway… (You MUST play 5A) Throw out ANY arial you want… Then… get a rock… and throw it at the YoYo when it is about to hit the groun.d This is very effective. I have done this method…well a variation…Need pics?

(I didn’t throw the rock at it and It was a arial that hit a rock in my backyard)


I so dont belive you.(pics?lol)

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I think people have done this, but I am not sure. I think your best bet would be to do something similar as take something and putting it under the ring then popping it out.

I wouldnt reccomend taking the rings out, they seem pretty tight in there and you wouldnt want to break the yoyo.

But if I may ask, why would you want to take out the rings?

If you do, the yoyo will be very light, so light the play wouldnt be very good.

The choice is yours, but I advise against it.


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i was just curious because because i heard of people taking them out.

i have a legacy and a kickside and if u going 2 take the rings out then it would be like a kickside

I was wondering this too, but my reasons are because I’m interested in dying mine.

~yo! shi!