Legacy Synergy

Does anyone know how to take out synergy caps from a Legacy? The weight rings are in the way.

It is known that synergy caps are hard to remove once put on a legacy. It might be impossible to do so without causing any harm to the yoyo.

Yup, André posted that somewhere, you may have just permanently Synergised your Legacy.

You know the spinning part of the synergy? Try pulling that out at an angle. If the synergy is not on too tight, just push down one part of that, and pull up one part of it, and its out. Try that first. If not, try removing the spinning thing, put duct tape over everything else, and pull as hard as you can. Try.

Or rip off the spinning thing, so you can see the bearing, then stick something into one of the holes and lever it out.

I can do that on my DM, but the Legacy has the weight rings that come with it that are a pain! (but awesome on a throw)

This might screw it up, but its worth a shot. Pull of the caps so the bearing is visible, and then take a fork or something, and wedge it under the bearing and get it off. Then, use pliers to pull off the caps by the post where the bearing goes.