Removing Synegry Caps

Can you remove Synergy Caps once on a DM? I’ve heard they’re hard but what about on a DM?

Yes you can remove them. They are a little hard to get off, there are two ways that i have found, First there are two holes on the cap its self, put a pen or pencil in there and pop it out, or i just found out the pushing the actual hub sideways and up, works also. I put mine on and take them off all the time.
tickle it

On a DM they should be really easily removed,I yhave read that they are hard to take off a legacy but not DM

Well on my dark magic, my synergy caps are a little hard to get off.
tickle it

You can also stick the tip of a pocket knife in one of the little holes on the cap. Then just pull up. You will not do any damage to the yo-yo or the caps. Or, if you have another yoyojam axle, stick it in the hole on the cap once again, and pull sideways and up. :slight_smile: