Weight Inconsistencies?


The Speed Dial I got in a trade only weighs 58 grams with a string, and the YYE page and other sources say it weighs 64 grams.


Is it all put together?

I don’t know why It would do that.

Does it look the same as it does on the YYE shop?

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Didn’t it also say the recent Speed Dials are B-Grades?




Yes, but isn’t it just for the anodize? Also, it is fully screwed together.


It must be packed weight.




Didn’t make much sense.

They wouldn’t sell them if they were off by that much. (I think)

I’m not really sure, is your scale wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:


I meant what the speed dial weighed with the box and string.


I don’t think he’d do that…

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Yeah, he wouldn’t do that…

I think either your scale is off or it is a b grade.


I don’t think B-grade’s would be so off…

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They are called b grades for a reason. haha


But still its something to consider.


I would suggest it is a typo.


if they were off by that much, they would be a C or D grade.

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Well they did charge half for them lol


The speed dials they sell on YYE ARE b-grades, so your scale must be off because I’ve never seen a mistake in specs on here before.


Just want to bring this to the current page.

You folks still debating this issue read this right? :slight_smile:


I see lot of specs off, but only by very tiny amounts. Tolerances.

My B-Grade Speed Dial: 58.80 grams. I just weighed it. That’s with the string on it.

YYE site lists 64 grams. Either it was an accidental typo or they just got wrong information. You don’t lose 5.2 grams and call it a B-grade. It must be made that way intentionally.