Help SpeedDial Adjust-O-Matic

So, I have ordered a SpeedDial and a couple of Adjust-O-Matic. Just a few questions about those:

  • The SpeedDial is the latest version (V2 I think), but I see two very different references about the weight. Some say it’s about 58g (even at YYFE) and others say it’s 63 to 64g. So…? Witch one is the correct?

  • The response system of a SpeedDial or a Velocity would fit into the Adjust-O-Matic? I can’t find any info about replacements for the response system, or if it comes with another besides the starburst.

Quick correction: I believe the SpeedDial is already in V3. :wink:

About the current run of SpeedDial YYFE confirmed that the weight is 58g.

The response shuttle options for any of the newer “sd” YYF’s are: opaque starburst, translucent starburst (made from a softer material), and pad response (shown in the new Velocity). Any of the older “k” response shuttles will not fit.

I am unsure about the mass of the different models. Look into your sources again, and try to find the most recently published one.