Switching responce in YYF Adjustomatic

I like the size and shape of the adjustomatic, so I am thinking about getting one. But star burst response is really bugging me. Since it has an o-ring response, will the guts of a Velocity fit into the guts of an adjustomatic?

I dont think so and you can just sand down starburst or drill a groove for o-ring or rtv silicone

The old starburst response pads are the new Velocity pad response pads are interchangeable in my Velocitites. It should be the same for your Adjust-O-Matic, as I’m pretty sure the are both “Speed Dial” systems.

Some of the dimensions may be as much as 0.5 mm off, but you can get it to fit if you try hard enough.

But the old 401k starburst pads will not fit.


EDIT: Also, I removed the shuttle, covered the 3 holes with tape, and siliconed the pad groove in my Velocity. It plays fine.