Question on adjusting response for a Velocity

I just received my Velocity (yea! :smiley: ) and read through the user guide that came with it. As far as adjusting the response dials, I see there are dials on both sides, and it appears that turning one only adjusts the spacer on that side. Should I attempt to keep both sides adjusted equally?

I would assume yes, that makes sense, but it seems it might be tough to get them equal. Is it going to be any problem is one side is slightly off from the other?


It is quite hard to get equal, but it really doesn’t matter much. Make sure that both of them are at least sticking out a bit though. Imo, it doesn’t affect play much if they are off. Just try not to make one side completely in and one side completely out, the affects play. As long as they are both out, it doesn’t matter much.

Remember that if the response seems to adjust itself on its own when you are playing, you might wanna remove the stickers, there are 2 screws under the stickers that you can tighten. This prevents the dials dialing themselves when spinning. Don’t tighten too much, it might spoil.

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Thanks for that - I have been having issues with one side not wanting to “lock” the dial after adjusting. I’d notice as I played that the response would drop, and after looking at the shims I could see one that had returned within the body. I’ll try the screws under the sticker and see if that fixes it.

Well, now I’m wondering if I have a defective yoyo :-\ I took it apart and noticed that the response pads (the white plastic spacers that move in/out) are not even. If I dial it out so that the pad on one side is about flush with the recess, I can see that one side of a pad is above the body while the other side is recessed into it. I dialed it out so it’s all above the body and tried to push on the pad and I could get it close to even, but there is some wiggle there. After playing with it a bit it will go back to being uneven.

I’d noticed since I got it that it’s hard to get it to sleep straight. With a fast sleeper and looking straight down at the yo I can see it wobble a pretty good bit. At first I thought it was just me, I’m not used to a yoyo like this, but now I can see the string wobble too and I think that the pad being uneven is doing it.

Should I send it back?

Nononono don’t send it back yet.

Firstly, try to remove the shuttles (response) out completely. Dial it so that the thing completely comes out. Then, level it and put it in again, and make sure its level, then dial it to suck it back in.

For the vibe, I think you just have to practice. Its hard to throw straight and strong. Practice on straight throws, not strong throws. Strong throws come after you perfected a straight throw.

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Well I did decide to mess with it some yesterday, I really wanted to keep it and not do without. I took the shuttles out and noticed they were actually a bit warped on the surface, it wasn’t just that it didn’t seat even. I flexed them a bit to get it more flat and I think it’s working fine now.

One more question if anyone knows. On the reviews I read it says the yoyo comes with plastic shuttles installed and rubber shuttles in the package - is that still true? Mine did not come with extra shuttles, only the white plastic installed. Also I noticed my packaging was different than the pictures on the reviews, not sure if I have a never or older version here. In the reviews the packaging is sort of a bleached cardboard color, but my packaging is a slick coated black cardboard with an insert over the yoyo that looks like the YYF logo. Just wondering if I got an older or newer version that maybe doesn’t come with the extra rubber shuttles?

Most of the reviews are of the older version. The newer version has different packaging, and apparently no rubber shuttles.

The newest version has no plastic shuttles actually

Oh, you got the new version. My older version actually came with extra plastic shuttles.

So its working how righT? ;D

So then the installed shuttles are rubber? It’s hard to tell, they are translucent white where the rubber ones I’ve seen in pictures were opaque black. They did feel a bit soft, I was able to bend them back to an almost flat surface.

I think so, it’s definitely working better :slight_smile: This Yoyo is beyond anything I’ve used before so I do think someone of my problems come from trying to adjust. I do still have problems with the dial not wanting to lock but once they do seat it’s fine.

Thanks again everyone for the answers here.

Have you tried tightening the screws under the stickers? I think they still have those in the new versions right?

Yeah I have them tightened down to the point where I feel like it will strip out if I try any further. It helped but they still slip rather than catch on the dial notches sometimes.