Yoyofactory 400 series shuttles help

So I was wondering if the Yoyofactory velocity shuttles were compatible with older Yoyofactory yoyos such as the speed dial or the adjust-o-matic. I just realized that the yoyo I just bought was not a Yoyofactory 401sd, but a Yoyofactory Adjust-o-matic. The dials seems to be a bit stuck and I can’t find much documentation on how these work. It currently is at a setting so it is responsive, but I want to make it unresponsive. Any help or info would be appreciated.

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@yyfben2 should be able to help you out.

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There were variations of tolerance along the way. Also if I remember correctly we changed the direction of adjustment on the early designs to make it more intuitive.

Edit: Bought a YYF velocity yesterday just to test out my hypothesis. Well, the parts are the same dimensions, but now I see that the adjust-o-matic’s are really stubborn. Good to know that this yoyo can still take the newer velocity’s parts (once I somehow get the old parts off that is).