SpeedDial Response Mod

When I got my Speed Dial, it was opened all the way up with the hard plastic shuttles installed. I could not even get a bind return in that configuration. I cranked it in to be responsive, and it played wonderfully with that setup. However, I could not get it to be unresponsive, and bind returnable with the hard plastic shuttles, so I switched to the rubbery shuttles.

With the rubbery shuttles, I was able to get it to be both responsive and unresponsive, and I really enjoyed the yoyo. The responsive play was just slightly inferior compared to the hard shuttles, but I was able to get it to be totally unresponsive and still get nice tight binds.

The only problem was that I couldn’t open the shuttles all the way up and still get good binds. I had to leave them protruding about 1/16th" into the gap; which resulted in a rather narrow gap.

The thought I had was to try putting the shuttles from a Velocity into the Speed Dial. The prongs on the Velocity are slightly narrower, but I was able to fit them into the SD. Unresponsive play was greatly improved! I could now open the shuttles all the way up and get good binds. Responsive play was a little weird, however, as the shuttles clicked and rocked back and forth due to the fit not being tight. Also, the Velocity is my son’s, and he wanted it back!

I decided to try to mod the hard shuttles to take a silicone sticker:

 1) I used a sanding block to sand off the starbursts.


 2) I placed a Duncan Looping Silicone sticker on top of the Shuttle. I chose these because they are for a-size bearings, are thin, and long lasting. I did this while the shuttle was all the way into the yoyo half, so that it was easier to line up. I then removed the shuttle and needed to use an Exacto knife to trim the inside edge flush with the shuttle.


It will not recess due to the added space the pad takes up. With the shuttle fully retracted, it sits flush with the yoyo half.


I decided to try it with one sticker and and one rubber shuttle. This gives the largest gap, as the rubber shuttle can be retracted until it’s recessed. Binds, including Laceration types, are nice and tight with this setup.


This is the way I have been playing it ever since, and it is nice! Unresponsive is much improved. I think the hard plastic shuttles might still be best for responsive, but I only tried those for a few minutes. Compared to the rubbery shuttles, I think it’s better at stuff like Shoot the Moon, but can be grippy coming out of stalls. I’ve gotten used to being a bit more forceful when exiting a stall.

Overall, I’m happiest with this yoyo with this mod. I wish YYF would come out with one last aluminum adjustable yoyo with shuttles like the Velocity. My guess is that’s not gonna happen, but in the meantime IMHO this is the next best thing!

Sounds like a good solution.

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I think you were the one who recommended the Looping Sili pads for my older FHs. Thanks, I was fortunate to have those on hand. I’m sure other pads could work as well.