Request: Modify 401k or 401sd starburst shuttle to accept CBC small pad


Can anybody mod a 401k/401sd starburst shuttle to take a CBC small-bearing pad?

Or fill the shuttle recess with epoxy and carve a groove out?

Send a message to let me know.


Buy a velocity.

Wow, that sure was a helpful post… Thank you kind sir for your contribution.

One the reals tho… I’m sure its more than possible. Peruse this list at your leisure and try shooting one of these guys a message…,5371.0.html

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velocity shuttles have k pads and a mod may cost the same, anyway they are to thin to recess so best option is a velocity

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Yeah, sorry guys. I guess I forgot to mention that I wanted small bearing CBC pads, not the big wide ones that are in new Velocities.