Yomega Dash Questions

I have been thinking about changing some things with my Dash, but I have ran across some problems. I don’t’ know what size bearing it is. I also don’t know if the YFF K pads can fit where the rubber response is now. If K pads can fit what size should do I need?

K-pads probably won’t fit and knowing Yomega they used a non standard sized bearing.

Yomega stays out of the standard so it is a different size. Just like my maverick.

This is a bit off subject, but you can put YYJ rubber orings in the place were the blue rubber shuttles are. THese will make it un-responsive, but slippy binds. You can put one shuttle, and one oring. Just a suggestion.

If I am not wrong Yomega used size E bearing which you can get at http://www.yoyoguy.com/PN/YPBE/Yo-yo-Ball-Bearings/Bearing-E. Hopefully this will help you. Also if you wanted to add a new responsive pad you will needed to get it modded and remove the star burst system.

There’s no star burst on the dash.

Thank you for telling us that.