What's the weight of your mystery box


I’m doing this to compare to see who got he big one just for fun, I know some people thinks the fun is being taken out of it but still it’s fun though ;D



I wish ^^"

How many yoyos that would have… man. :stuck_out_tongue:


The weight has nothing to do with it. Everyone gets the same one, but one of them comes with a card that has some kind of code to get the prize in pigpen.


Is there any way to find out with the standard shipping through USPS?


Not that I know of. It would kind of be unnecessary in most cases. :confused:


That’s what I figured. I mean, I don’t care to know if I won it before I actually receive the package… But if I saw a huge weight getting shipped to me I’d probably have to change my underwear.


I didn’t know that thanks bruh


ummmm… I just checked, and mine says 0 oz. These yoyos must be pretty light.


Unreleased yoyo.


Confirmed derp




Hmm… On the Endicia tracking i got 1 Lbs. Anyone else?


It seems I got the YYF air as well.


Must be a revolution in lightweight throws


You got the YYF Brick.


Truly, a mystery. ;D

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It’s unfortunately very unstable and breaks very easily. If you decide to use it for 4a, please be careful and do not throw it too high, as it has been known to not come back down.


I also got the YYF Brick

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Don’t even get me started on that.


Whereas the YYF air breaks easily, the brick breaks strings easily but can spin for hours on end.

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So what if someone wins the grand prize but cant decode it?