WEdge vs. Replay Pro/ProtoStar


Does anyone here prefer the WEdge over the Replay (Pro) or the ProtoStar?


I prefer the protostar over the Replay Pro, First Base, and Skyva, never tried the Wedge


I was gonna say Protostar is a bit small in diameter, but surprisingly it’s about the same as the Shutter. Quite modern for a 2009 throw!


One of the more unusual features of the ProtoStar is its large, spherical “hubcap”. Other than giving the yoyo a distinctive appearance, does that offer any performance benefits?


Not really, that’s one of the signatures of it’s outdated design. But then again, the weight rings giving it the extra rim weight is what made it a yoyo ahead of its time, widely recommended by everyone until just a few years ago.


I presume the reason it isn’t widely recommended by everyone anymore is because unresponsive metals have come down so much in price? At $20, what outshines the ProtoStar today?


Well it stopped being recommended cuz it was still $35.

Now that it’s dropped to $20 I think it’s back in the game and honestly there isn’t anything under $20 that I’ve played that’s better imo.

I think part of the reason it still isn’t being recommended much is because it’s super old, people like the new stuff. There really isn’t much that’s older and still in production.

Oh and I guess the death grip spacers are super annoying, especially for beginners so that might be a factor.


Yeah, spacers are the absolute only negative I can think of

(Ken) #9

WEdge for the win.


I consider the ProtoStar and now the Wedge a cut above the Replay Pro. For 20 bucks you can’t really go wrong with either of the first two. Same goes for the new NorthStar.