WEdge vs. Replay Pro/ProtoStar


Protostar too underrated. The spacers suck but if you can deal with them the proto’s the best yoyo under $25, maybe under $30 imo.

(ClockMonsterLA) #22

Yeah, I find myself bouncing back and forth between my ProtoStar and my Replay Pro. The ProtoStar is so very well behaved, and it has a shape my hand has grown accustomed to after weeks of playing with a Sage. I just wish they made them in the same brilliant translucent blue color of my Replay Pro.

(Jonathan Brasell) #23

I recently got a Protostar just because. I was suprised at how much I like it. I didn’t put it down for a few weeks. It changed my perception of plastics.
I ended up getting a Wedge the next month because I was obsessed with the Clear one. I will say It is a little on the larger side. It does play well. I’ve read some of you calling out the vibe. It does need a nice clean throw or it’s all over the place.
I like them both.

But, I prefer the Protostar. I would consider getting another one just because.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #24

I think the protostar is overall more stable (or atleast i think cuz i havent used one yet). The wedge isnt really one of the most stable plastics and doesnt spin very long (atleast for me).

(Jonathan Brasell) #25

I played my Wedge tonight. It really is good and plays well for me. Mine is quiet and doesn’t have a vibe so that I can tell. Earlier I said I prefer the Protostar and I think I do, but I have no real conplaints with the Wedge.

(ClockMonsterLA) #26

I (now) have a Wedge that is not very vibey, but my issue with it is the size/width and chunkiness of it. For me, the Replay Pro and the ProtoStar are much more comfortable in the hand, and the ProtoStar is noticeably more stable. Yes, the Wedge offers a wider catch zone which helps it land on the string, but that can also make it difficult to land on the right string (depending on the trick, of course). I’m finding 44-45mm to be the sweet spot for me in terms of width, while the Wedge comes in at nearly 47.5mm.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #27

I personally dont like the shape of the wedge. It feels like a slimmer yoyo with some extensions on the sides. The rims are too chunky for me, and it doesnt make catches easier. Personally, its like its not 46 in width but almost as if its 20-30 in width. I probably do not get along with plastics with beefy rims.


Get both, unless you really want to fingerspin, Wedge.