For those of us in the mid-20’s and up, it’s wedding season. I’m 31 and just got married on the 7th to an awesome woman. She even included a comment on attempting to appreciate my yoyoing as part of her vows! Too dang sweet. Everything came together well and both families had a great time. Remember, if it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong.


Congratulations, buddy! Sounds like you’ve definitely found the right woman =)



Congratulations! All the best now and in the future. ;D


Congrats! Bring your kids up in the way of the YoYo! XD


Congrats! If you can wake up the next day and not a dang thing has changed, you’ve probably married the right person. :slight_smile:


I don’t condone this type of behavior.


I like weddings. Weddings are great because they have free food.


I will only attend if there’s an open bar.


We were on her uncle’s lavender farm, so we did some breaded chicken, salad, potato salad, and other picnic type stuff. We had beer and wine, in addition to Apple cider, soda, water, etc.

And the wife is excited to eventually see me with kids because I enjoy so many things like yoyos, video games, animation, etc.



I love weddings as long as I’m not in them.