Can I wear the bead-blast down on my Gen-Yo Mini Star if I keep it in my pocket?

Buy one of my yoyo clips :smiley: jk

But seriously, no it won’t.

Don’t be so sure about that, zippo. Depending on mow much wear it is receiving, the beadblast could wear down in time. Generally speaking, I wouldn’t be too concerned. You’d have to be rubbing up against it a lot for it to wear down the finish.

Yeah I agree. Also if you carry it in your pocket dont put anything else in. Thats kind of a der but I did it and some of the beadblast came off my hatrick so yeah. But other than that I’ve had my Hatrick for like a year now and its completely fine.

Are you wearing Metal undergarments?

:smiley: that was awesome

If it’s anodized, probably won’t get worn down.

Only sometimes! Never when I have a yo yo.

Maybe on the outer rims of the yoyo, but you never grind there and the change won’t be visible.

You’ll be fine

I usually wear anti-sea Rhinoceros underwear

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