We need a category just for wood lovers


I don’t like wooden yo-yos, so it’s a little bothersome to look on the forums and just see a bunch of threads talking about woods and fixed axles. We should make some threads or something for the wood lovers.



There’s already a bunch of great wood yoyo topics out there. Making sure they have good searchable (and indicative of what the posts inside are about) titles is the main thing.


But there’s so many threads…


Oh my bad I misread this. You think there should be a wood CATEGORY. Apologies!

Sure, that seems like a reasonable proposal… your call @vegabomb and @jhb8426

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I edited his original post to be more concise. That way, he could mute the category of he didn’t want to see things in it


We talked about this a couple years ago I believe and decided against it at the time.


Ehh, NO, if that were the case we would need dozens of categories because someone doesn’t like to see things about raisins, or pomegranates, or poly string, or even aluminum yoyos.


I could go either way, but it does seem to me that wood is different “enough” that it could be a category. :man_shrugging:

I’d like to hear @ed1’s take on this as he is the patron saint of all wood throwers :angel:


I also don’t like wood :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I like the idea of a wood category. I agree with code

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I humbly agree with code on this one. Wood/fixies are enough of their own thing to constitute an actual category.


As stated above, we could make a hundred categories based on that type of reasoning. Do we then make a subcategory “wood mods and maintenance” as well? Maybe go so far as to make a separate forum with it’s own domain, because somebody doesn’t like it here.

Leaving it as it is also has the effect of exposing more people to it because they are seeing it more often and may just happen to stumble into it when seeing a catchy title. Making a separate category will segregate it to it’s own little corner and people who are not rabid wood people are likely to ignore it.


Personally I feel it’d be a good strategy to retire one of the currently very underutilized categories (there are a few) and substitute wood, so we’re not continually growing endless categories. I agree that category explosion (let’s have dozens! hundreds!) is never a good idea.

To me categories are like walls. Build four and you got a nice house. Build sixty and you got an impenetrable, confusing maze…


Then what do you do with that content? Simply delete it?


We’d just move it to a more general category, the general one. (This is done by editing the category on the first post, can be done in bulk as well.)

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I actually used to think the idea of wooden fixed axle yoyos was stupid. Why on earth would I want to throw something so archaic?

Reading wooden fixed axle topics is what caused me to eventually come around to like them, buy them, learn them, and then end up producing my own wooden yoyos.


Wow that legit surprises me. I thought you were a long-time devotee!

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It was only about a couple of years ago that I held that opinion! Now I’ve even made some for prominent people in the yoyo community.

I never would have thought I’d ever end up doing that.


whats so wrong with wood? there really is no need for a separate category, thats like having divisional categories for unresponsive, responsive, metal, plastic, etc

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I think the lack of a bearing constitutes a pretty big difference. All yoyos 1A-5A use bearings, which play much different than fixed axle throws. Also, you see wood almost exclusively in the fixed axle category, whereas the other materials are used for multiple play styles and such.


2a-5a with wood omg I wanna see that. Anyone know if there’s any videos of that? If it’s even possible