I just had a thought, “how cool would it be to have a wooden yoyo version of our favorite unresponsive metals?”

Like wooden yoyo halves with all the metal/ ball bearing guts and response pads? Possibly even a side effects system

Those would be super beautiful and lend themselves to awesome polishing/ pyrography artwork!

Is there such a yoyo that already exists?

Ehh, idont think that’d work very well because wood’s Weight distribution would probably cause a vibe.

Wooden SEs would be cool though.

It could be done but it would play a lot different no doubt, due to the overall weight difference and probably a different weight distribution. That’s not saying it would be bad, just a different feel. The variation in the wood would not be enough to cause appreciable or probably even noticeable vibe.

It has been done before, and hopefully will be done again.

“Yo Tiki God wood/aluminum yoyo’s!!”

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Truth be known, Darrin never delivered on those. Left a few people hanging.

EDIT: OOPS! Sorry about that!

He at least provided proof of concept, though he also showed how difficult and impractical it would be to try to produce these. I owned one for a time, and it played as well as anything. Certainly a little bit of vibe, but nothing outside the norm in terms of play characteristics.

See that is down right awesome! I hope they start doing a bunch like this :slight_smile:

The walls cant be too thin, so it would be either very heavy, or very center heavy. Wooden SEs would. be. amazing.

I also think that due to what we can get away with on metal designs, wood won’t be too tolerant of some of those methods. They’d be a lot more prone to breaking.

I don’t think simply using the same tools to cut out a wood yoyo using the same programming as a metal would be smart. I think if the yoyo was re-designed to take into consideration the material and adjusted accordingly, I think that would be cool. I do agree it would play a lot different, but I don’t think in a bad way, just different because of the material. I’m not sure about the market though.

I think something like a BVM or something like

perhaps with a VERY thick shape.

Or BVM2 THAT would be sweet.

id like to see a V shaped wooden throw
With 7075 weight rings pressed into the side.
Like. a bigger Lovejoy with weightrings pressed into ti.
and a D sized Bearing.

Wood BVM?

No, Bear vs. Tree. That would be interesting! I do like the idea of weight rings though, because it will help with weight distribution. It might anger the wood purists, but I’m not one of them.

The wooden throw I made was a V bigtime. 45-degree angle right to the middle after a 2mm rim.

Plays OK for what it is. About to revisit it as more than a proof-of-concept next.

It could use some rim weighting. If you remove too much material from the hub area, it’ll just be too light. Period. But some 7075 pressed-in rims? That’d be the business.

When I think wood, I still think primarily fixed-axle, though. I wouldn’t want to go TOO nutty with design. The elegant simplicity TMBR has going is about right, but I think you could take it just one step further without going wonky.

TmbrxClyw surprised it hasn’t happened yet

think BVM 2 profile.

flat face. with metal rims pressed into it.
That would be like. Throwing Love <3

I wood so buy that;P pun intended

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