Why you should have a wooden unresponsive yoyo

Here’s why you should own at least one wooden unresponsive yoyo.

  1. The density of wood is lower than metal, therefore more material is required to make a yoyo of reasonable weight. This means the weight is distributed more widely throughout the body, resulting in a soft feeling in play unmatched in metal yoyos.

  2. The feeling of wood in the hand is much more natural and friendly than metal or plastic.

  3. They are handcrafted which means hours of someone’s time and skill has been spent in creating your yoyo and there will never be another with exacltly the same feel or performance.

  4. Your yoyo was growing in the ground for the last 30 years or longer. That’s a super cool thought.

It really is worth owning at least one. They offer a truly unique throwing experience.


I agree with all those points, although I really had never stopped to consider the 4th. That said, I’m one of those who doesn’t yet own a wooden unresponsive yo-yo…I guess I will have to work on changing that.

#3 is a biggie. Glad I was able to get a 3yo3 before Landon stopped producing.

I plan on getting a wooden yoyo sometime in the future. Your models in particular look nice

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I have a WoodBoy, Peon, and a Spin Worthy (is there a model name Glen?)

I thoroughly enjoy each of them.

I’d like to add:

5. They each have a different vibe.

Just like you can revel in the glass smooth sensation from a well machined metal yoyo, you can enjoy the different sensations from each individual wooden yoyo. It gives you feedback about how the yoyo is spinning, and how well the string is centered. Not to say any of mine have a lot of vibe, but rather than it being something you’d obsess negatively about, like you might after bumping your favorite metal, it’s actually pleasant. In my opinion anyway, and I’m sure part of that comes from my expectations about the material.

This is also more evident with bearing wood yoyos over fixed axle, as you get higher RPMs, for longer periods.

I hope we soon start to see some modern versions of responsive bearing yoyos made out of wood.


Good point, Myk_Myk, They do all have vibe which is important to note. As you say though, vibe can br pleasuant in a wooden yoyo and can be kept to a minimum.

Also, I have recently made a more modern shaped wooden yoyo. It’s a W shape and plays beautifully. Very smooth playfeel.

(Edit: I just realised that you said more responsive bearing wooden yoyos, not unresponsive.)

I called the Cypress pine model you got from me the ‘Cambium’. My organic spotted gum model is called the ‘Quartersawn’.

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I saw that. Looks really nice! I’m sure I’ll own another one of yours, maybe one of those Ws, soon.

Quartersawn is normally spelled quarters-awn and is actually made from Corymbia maculata :wink:

I have many wood yoyos and am glad to have them all.

It can be written as ‘quartersawn’ too. Both are correct.

It can also be made of eucalyptus diversicolor on occasion.

I’ve mostly seen it as “quarter sawn”, sometimes as “quarter-sawn”, rarely as “quartersawn”. Probably somewhat of a regional thing.

I have a wooden one but it is responsive


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Whatever the case is, quartersawn is a legitimate name for the type of lumber.

Even if it wasn’t, quartersawn is perfectly fine to use as a name for a yoyo.

Interesting, I always thought any lumber could be referred to as quarter sawn/ quartersawn. I thought it was just the type of cut (sorry didn’t mean to derail)

Quartersawn refers to a specific type of cut. There’s also flatsawn and riftsawn.