We need a category just for wood lovers


Personally; I think if the forum can have a Kendama category; they can certainly make room for a Wood is good category.

I have noticed days, weeks and/or even months can go by without any Kendama postings.

Good idea…


2a with wood is DEFINITELY possible IMO. The rest I have no idea.


If 2a wasn’t possible with wood what were they using in the 50s before plastic :thinking:???


Yes, a category for wooden yo-yos is a great idea, and might even bring out some players hiding in the woodwork.

({John15}) #25

At the least, it would help to organize all of the wood yoyo content.

(Gethin) #26

all are possible, drew has some 3a and 5a on the fixed Friday archives on yoyonews, and ben Conde used a wood fixie in the fixed axle throw down of such and such year.


2A was done on fixed axle long before their were “A” classifications. Used to be two handed looping was how tiebreakers were decided at contest, or how you knew someone was a really good, or a serious yoyoer.

Yes, I’ve done fixed axle 5A, I believe Ed, Drew, Danny S and numerous others have as well.

Can we have a bi-metal category? Man I hate those :grin:

(Spinworthy Glen) #28

Lol! I’ve sold every bimetal I’ve ever owned. I think it’s safe to say I don’t like them much either.


I do really like the Gorge though, would suggest it to anyone :+1:t2: